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T &I GLOBAL LIMITED (TIGL) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of customized food processing equipment with the expertise to supply customized processing equipment for fruits, vegetables & herbs, spices and coconut. The business was established by the Bagaria family in 1949. Over the years, the company has launched many innovative products and value additions for the food processing industry including customized drying solutions for the food and chemical industries.

TIGL has three full-fledged manufacturing facilities in India –

  • 220,000 ft2 integrated manufacturing facility at Coimbatore, the industrial city of Tamil Nadu.
  • 45,000 ft2 at Coimbatore, the industrial city of Tamil Nadu.
  • 45,000 ft2 at Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal.

Sales and service are facilitated through domestic offices in Coimbatore, Kolkata, New Delhi, Siliguri (North Bengal) and overseas offices in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Nairobi, Kenya. A technical team of over 50 experienced engineers are deployed through these offices to ensure prompt deliveries and commissioning.

TIGL is a ISO 9001:2008 certified company and a Government recognized export house, commanding an enviable export market in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Africa & South-East Asia.


TIGL believes in Corporate Social Responsibility. Towards this end, it has set up thrift societies for staff and workers, and facilitates low cost loans and educational subsidies. The TIGL group generously funds the activities of the Bagaria Foundation, a charitable trust engaged in a variety of social causes. Every year a portion of the group’s profits are donated to the Bagaria Foundation and used for calamity relief, educational & medical grants and donations to deserving individuals and organizations as well as funds for student scholarship.


Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state of the art tools and machines – from Trumph, Germany bending machines, Turret Press Machines, Laser and CNC Gas cutting equipment. All machining is done in-house at the dedicated machining unit in each facility.

There are multiple welding stations and automatic welding machines which are used to achieve precision and high-quality manufacturing.

R & D Activities

Our R&D department consists of highly qualified Engineers, Food Technologist at each unit dedicated to improving technology and developing new products. Our engineering head has over 30 years of engineering experience in the food processing industry and also coordinates R&D activities. We have patented our unique combination drying technology in India and Sri Lanka and have several other patents under various stages of approval.

We have successfully developed and introduced for the first-time machines such as Apron dryer & Foodwiz range of dehydration system for low temperature drying of sensitive products. Every year TIGL roughly allocates 5% of the group’s turnover for R&D and other developmental activities. Constant efforts and innovation have led TIGL’s research & development to be recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial research, Govt. of India. We have on our panel technical consultants and advisors who specialize in specific areas of engineering and food technology.

Pilot Lab

Our Integrated Manufacturing Unit in Coimbatore, boasts a complete end-to-end testing lab with equipment we manufacture and few sourced from our technology partners to conduct trials. We invite you to visit our facility to take trials and engage in understanding the equipment and end product. Our lab boasts equipment for juice extraction, pulping, dehydration, coconut water, virgin coconut oil, desiccated coconut and coconut milk processing.


  • Highest exporter in segment for last 8 years
  • Government recognized R&D
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

Technology Partners

Bertuzzi Food Processing s.r.l. Italy

We are proud to be associated with Bertuzzi Food Processing, Italy, a name which synonymous with the food processing industry with a tradition that dates back to 1936. During eighty years of activity, Bertuzzi has supplied more than 1000 fruit processing plants in over 100 countries.Bertuzzi R&D team has optimized very specific processes and specialized machines that allow to achieve top product quality and yield for each specific type of fruit. Thanks to Bertuzzi’ unique know-how, these dedicated machines can be integrated in multi-fruit processing plants, that allow much greater flexibility and utilization than single-fruit plants.

TECHNI GRAU SOLUTIONS, France: TGS is a French company focussed on safe, 100 % natural, ecological and ergonomic solutions on food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and feed device industries for low moisture products. Their expertise lies in Innovation and R&D of Steam sterilization, Drying, Toasting and Roasting in continuous way for various kind (botanicals, fibres, spices, vegetables, cereals,nuts…) and size (whole up to 10 cm, cut, powder…), equipment for active molecules capture or recovering during or after processing and robotics helping the designed technologies to be as much as possible automatic.



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