Value Chain Solutions

With a strong background in offering a single window solution for various value chains in vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs & coconut, our presence globally has exposed us with a lot of   experience, technology know-how, process know-how and support with an innovative product range.

Our role starts from harvesting up to then end at post-harvest storage, handling, preservation, shelf life enhancement and value addition (which are the main components of value chain).

We offer complete solutions with the right technology, incorporating the latest plant and operating guidelines for beginners and diversified investors alike turnkey solutions for the plants wanting to expand and upgrade.

The major value-added activities in the value chain are: –

  • Dehydration plant
  •  IQF – Frozen plant
  •  Value Addition Process Technologies
  • Pack-house
  • Short duration storage

T&I Global offers turn-key solutions for all these activities and processes.

Dehydration Unit with pre-&-post Processing

Our core specialty and expertise lies in turn-key solutions for fully automatic and semi-automatic dehydration process lines for all type of vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs. This include pre-processing equipment for washing, blanching, cutting etc. and post processing line with size reduction, size sorting and final product packing.

We offer a range of energy efficient continuous dryers of various type depending on the type of agro produce.

We offer turnkey projects and customised solutions for various capacities and products

The more common process lines we have setup are for

  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Spices – cardamom (large & small), cloves etc.
  • Vegetables like carrot, cabbage, beans etc.
  • Leafy Vegetables like curry leaves, moringa leaves, spinach etc.
  • Fruits like mango, apple, papaya, etc.

Value addition Line

Citrus Peel Processing

The waste generated from citrus processing by means of peel can increase costs for you. You will have to store them and then dispose them. Instead, you can choose to dry your waste peel and create a value-added product. Dried peel than then be pulverized to powder form or sold as it is thereby generating additional revenue for you. There is an exponentially increasing market for this product which has applications in the flavoring, make-up and food industry to name a few.

Ginger Process Line
Turmeric Process Line
Onion & Garlic Process Line
Fruits Juice & Concentrate Plants

We offer turn-key solutions for various fruits and vegetable juices and concentrate plants with aseptic packaging plant.
Common lines are for tomato, pineapple, mango, banana, guava, citrus – oranges, and lemon.


We offer solvent extraction projects for extraction of olio resins, natural colors, and other active components for functional and nutraceutical applications.

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Plant

Our cost effective IQF solutions on turn-key basis for various fruits, vegetables, herbs etc. with pre-processing and packing lines. These lines offered for vegetables and fruits in diced and sliced form.

IQF plant capacities start at 500 kg/hr.

Vegetables & Fruits Pack House

The advanced technology pack house has a capacity range of 500 kg/hr. to 20 MT/hr. It is customized to your requirement.

Integrated Coconut Processing Plant

T&I Global is the leading company for setting up integrated coconut processing set up in the global market. We have set the up more than 100 turnkey factories all around the world and our commitment to serve the coconut industry has made us the heart of the coconut industry worldwide.


We have developed, tested and successfully commissioned plants for desiccated coconut chips, desiccated coconut powder, coconut milk, virgin coconut oil, packaged coconut water and coconut water concentrate.


Please visit our dedicated coconut processing solutions website at

  • Capacity: 350-400kg/hr. of crushed coconuts
  • Power:22.5kw
  • Temperature of the feed : 25 degC
  • Extraction efficiency at 55-60%.
  • Automatic solids ejection with hydro stop system
  • Flat belt drive
  • Stainless steel hood and solid catcher
  • ower : 15-22.5KW
  • Capacity :500-5000lph (Feed).
  • Horizontal plate closed pressure filter.
  • Uniform filtering.
  • Better productivity and less filtering time.
  • Complete SS construction
  • Capacity: 2000 l/hr.
  • To remove free and emulsified moisture from VCO at low temperature
  • Inbuilt heating chamber.
  • Easy to operate
  • Efficient moisture removal.
  • Microprocessor based control panel and a chiller unit.
Coconut Water Concentrate and Milk
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